World Book Day

Good Morning Y6R,

I am really pleased to see that you have all come to school dressed as your favourite¬†book character for World Book Day! I can’t wait to read about your characters adventures.

10 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. EW

    Hi, I’m Mr Bump, and I’ve just had an awful day! I was going to the park, when Little Miss Sunshine asked me to help her pin up a banner, for Mr Talls birthday. Being naturally polite, I agreed, despite it resulting in less time at the park. So I climed and climed until I finally reached the top. One minute I was sticking tape to a banner but the next, I was in A and E! Little Miss Sunshine said, “I feel absolutely awful, I just knew something terrible would happen.” Although I’m hurt, it’s nothing knew to my daily routine. I just wish I wasn’t so clumsy! But I can’t wait to see what you think…

  2. Am

    Hello I am Elsie Kettle from the story Queenie and I have TB. I Amin the Blyton ward at Milltree Orthapedic hospital . At first it all seamed very stange and i hated Martin (the boy in the bed next to me).he had TB in the hip . “Gobface is okay for a girl and she does tell good story’s but I do prefer Robert to be next to me “Martin. Although I am trapped on me back being here is okay because I have got Queenie the Blyton wards cat. Would you enjoy being in this terrible situation ? AM

  3. LP

    Hi my name is Greg Heffley and I’m from the story Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Today was a rubbish day. My best friend, Rowley, has got a girlfriend and he’s totally ignoring me. I think it’s disgusting but Abigail, his girlfriend, thinks it’s cute. Abigail is taking control of him so I think she’s only a couple because of that. When I told Rowley what I thought he was just saying the same thing “You’re just jealous! You’re just jealous! ” Things keep getting worse as well because my grades are going down and my mum is all over me making sure I revise. I look forward to hearing what think.

  4. Tb

    Hi my name is Alex Rider. I reluctantly work for mI6. This mission is about when multi billionaire Nikolei Drevin starts to built a space hotel. However he plans to send a bomb onto the hotel so it explodes onto Washington destroying the evidence of his murders. Here is a comment on what he said “he is to young to be a 14 year old spy.”Do you agree? I look forward to see what you think.TB

  5. C.F

    Hi my name is wally,I am 23 years old and I am from the book where’s wally.
    I’m still lost! I think I am at the sea side all alone. I where a red and white stripy t- shirt and a white and red hat. I’m looking forward to finding your comments.

  6. George

    Hello my name is Jason Grace I’m a Demigod my father is Zeus king of the gods. Today for me was awesome slash scary me my girlfriend pipper and my friend Leo along with a band of female warriors took on a range of monsters. These monsters were: Giaias earthborn ;the northern ventus(wind spirits);army of wolves and a evil snow goddess bent on domination just to save a god I don’t even like.This is why, she took me from my nice home dumped me on the other side of America and wiped my memories good and bad. However, that god was Hera queen of Olympus.But I have a problem when we rescued Hera she told me the was a roman demigod camp and I led it.My question is should I. Go back to the Romans or stay with the Greeks.i’d like to hear your replies.
    By GW

    1. C.t

      Hi my name is Harriet and I am from the book geek girl . I think that I did the right thing by ending my modeling job in Tokyo and carry on being a geek . This is because my dad never liked my job as a model and my dad always pushed me to get a good education so I became a geek . I felt angry before because I was doing something that I didn’t want to do . I would like to hear what you think I should have done .

  7. T.o

    Hi my name is baby bear,and my day today was absolutely awful.Me my mum and my dad all went for a walk in the woods,we had lots of fun playing with the sticks, and we were must looking forward to eating our porridge when we got home.But when we got home every last scrap of porridge had daddy bear shouted HELLO IS SOMEBODY THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!,but there was no answer .so we walked upstairs, and there was a young girl lay fast asleep in my bed so daddy woke her up and took her out the house .how would you like it if somebody wondered into your house ate your porridge and fell asleep in your bed ?

    Please reply.

  8. J.f

    I am shaggy and my best friend is Scooby Doo and he is my pet dog. I solve mystorys and go on adventures,But today has been rubbish my best friend Scooby is ignoring me because he thinks I like 22 years old with a big nose and long her with a green tea shirt. I carry Scooby every where with me he’s my little partner. Reluctantly I have to pick Scooby up and get away from the enemy. Fred daffy and vellma go off together and me and Scooby go off together!

  9. g.johns

    Hi Year 6

    Your comments are really interesting to read, I do hope you took some photos of you all dressed up as I missed all the fun today.

    Would you do me a favour and take a look at your comments for me and check your use of punctuation – I think that there are some capital letters missing from the beginning of sentences and names!

    Thanks for that, I’ll check back on your blog soon.

    Mrs Johns


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