Welcome back Year 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

I’m sure you are all raring to go and start the hard work!

Have a look at the picture at the top and see if you can work out what it showing and what we might be learning about this term. Your replies are most welcome!


See you soon


Mr Rigby

5 thoughts on “Welcome back Year 6

  1. g.johns

    Hi Year 6,

    I know you have been working hard over the past few weeks. Would you let me know via your blog about what you have been learning about.

    Looking forward to reading your replies.

    Mrs Johns

  2. LP and TB

    Hello Mrs Johns. We have been learning lots about World War 2. Some of the things we have been learning about are what country’s were allies in the war. Britain, USA, Australia, Brazil and many more. Against these were: Germany, Italy, Japan,Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Britain’s side, allies, we’re obviously going to win as they had lots more help. We have also learned about people being evacuated. Many children were evacuated to Wales,Cornwall or any other places in the countrysides. We have also learnt about Hitler and how the war started. It started because Hitler attacked Poland and refused to stop. I hope you liked our facts. LP and TB

  3. Rohan

    Charlie and George created an amazing presentation using a German helmet,Warden helmet,German iron cross, cartridge from a spitfire,paratrooper wings,royal marine commando badge and much more!
    Kind regards

  4. LP and TB

    Hi I’m Katniss Everdeen, I’m from the trilogy hunger games. There’s three books and two films. My best friend peeta thinks that I shouldn’t of saved his life but I did. I’m not known for my kindness but I can be if I want to be. My sister was reaped into the games. I volunteered to take her place. My mum always says I was to brave that I shouldn’t of volunteered. Then I wouldn’t of had the presidents threat but still I’m waiting for the next hunger games iwonder who it’s going to be. Look forward to hearing your suggestions.

  5. JB

    Hi, I am Matilda andI am sixes years of age, I regret myself from what I did today. I just wish I told some one what is happing at home but then me and my brother will need to go into care. Also we might not get fostered! Every time my mum goes to bingo, my dad is out and my brother is at school I always visit the library. I hope to hear suggestions of what to do . JB


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