World Book Day

Hello Year 6,

You all look great in your World Book Day costumes. We are looking forward to reading all about the adventures of your characters.

Can you write your favourite part of the story you are involved in, telling it from your point of view?

From Hermione and Harry

World Book Day

Good Morning Y6R,

I am really pleased to see that you have all come to school dressed as your favourite¬†book character for World Book Day! I can’t wait to read about your characters adventures.

Welcome back Year 6

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

I’m sure you are all raring to go and start the hard work!

Have a look at the picture at the top and see if you can work out what it showing and what we might be learning about this term. Your replies are most welcome!


See you soon


Mr Rigby